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Taiwan International Design Award

Awards : Finalist

Project name : Kesei

Architects : Arkitek Seni Kenyalang


Adaptive City - Design in Motion


We asked ourselves.

“ If our society is profoundly sick and we should refuse to adapt to it, then what is it that we’re supposed to adapt to? “
In the city of Taipei, we are looking for the best approach of
adaptation to reassess the relationship between the people and the environment.


The city is filled with all kind of emotions. Social problem is unavoidably existing and often viewed as being undesirable. There is a mass of suffering that is untreated which imposes severe burdens to the community. Research has shown that majority of the people suffering from stress, anxiety or depression were not receiving any kind of treatment.

“ Conscious adjustment “ could be the best approach we can have to treat the society illness.

The city has the responsibility to rethink and develop spaces that’s adaptive for the city dwellers and workers to perform social recovery. This project explores the qualities and vulnerability of the informal laneways in the center of the city and the growing reliance of science & technology as a spatial typology that nourishes adaptive city lives on the 21st century’s
demand for “recovery”.

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