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Taiwan International Design Award

Awards : Silver Award

Project name : Concurrence

Architects : Arkitek Seni Kenyalang


The design aims to re-define and re-interpret the concept of Art and Cultural Centre under a contemporary perspective that embodies a temporal and personal approach to architectural space. Cultural centres are too often interpreted through an old fashioned model in which space is set up as a static container. The core of the transformation is focusing on temporality and custom-tailoring space. The idea is to create a dynamic space in
which a proactive and cultural community might produce, showcase and share their knowledge and passion. The Concurrence is aimed to become an international reference point for art and culture, in order to enhance a growing global network of intellectual, creativity and leisure activities. Nowadays, the growing digitalisation of social and economic relationships is producing fundamental transformations in social conventions and
systems. Modern technology is capable of enhancing communication space and information channels. Architecture shall take advance of this circumstance by providing users a flexible system made with dynamic, modular and equipped spaces. Programs Consisted of :


- Ramps / Inner Street
The idea is to create sensible space that allows multiple programs to be held at the same time. In every transition corners, there are two ways that will always lead to the same destination. Along the way, we put ourselves in a flexible space; enjoying street trading, design market, street performances with rentable and detachable studios above our heads that displays progressive arts being produced by the artists.


“ So, I’ll see you up there, and we shall share what we have seen and experienced along the way.” - Imaginary dialogue from the visitors

- Art Studio / Art Hotel for artists
Temporary accommodations (of various sizes) with rent control that would allow to create temporary communities of artists who would be able to produce and exhibit art in the studio. This creates an emotional place for physical and mental rest in which users can find both the comfort of a traditional accommodation and the inspiration of an art gallery.

- Performing Art Centre / Theatre / Auditorium
It is a space that formed itself after the structure of circulating ramps. Permanent or temporary spaces for hosting stage shows, contention or media contents. - Exhibition Hall / Art Gallery To be located high on the top floor, celebrated with surrounding ramps, it is a space meant for sheltering creative physical artworks such as, paintings, sculptures, or other artworks of interest.

- Art Memorial / Archive
The pathway to fulfillment. The Art Memorial is meant to house
historic art gallery, art classes, events or any of the off-season artworks in expressing the sense of appreciation. It provides emotional and intellectual experiences through exploration down in the earth.

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